Welcome to my world, pull up a chair. 

I’m married to a man named Johnny Walker, and we are big fans of people, Thai food, exploring new places, and living life a little outside the box. Wherever we go, it’s our hope to create spaces where people can have fun, feel welcomed, and know they are loved by Jesus.

In 2016, we got engaged, married and took the obvious next step by starting a Christmas lighting business. In 2017, we quit our full time jobs to travel and build our business.

I love to talk about all things relationships: dating, singleness, marriage, and all the weird “we’re just talking” phases in between. If you like to talk about relationships too, we will get along just fine.

I completed an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and have since worked as a counselor and communications director in the non-profit sector. Currently, I’m the Content Editor for the Curriculm Division of Docent Research Group.

Some places I’ve written:



Listen here for an interview I did with Pursuit NYC on dating, singleness, and faith:


Connect with me on social media! These days, you can find me on Instagram @Walkerswithoutborders.

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